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LTCCC Report: Identification of Resident Harm in Nursing Home Citations

This report provides the results of an assessment of the circumstances in which harm is identified when a nursing home is cited for deficient care, abuse or neglect. Numerous studies have identified problems with the ability of state Survey Agencies (SAs) to adequately identify violations of minimum standards.  As a result, too many nursing [...]

Safeguarding Nursing Home Residents & Program Integrity

National Report: Safeguarding NH Residents & Program Integrity: A National Review of State Survey Agency Performance  CLICK HERE NY State Report: Safeguarding Residents & Program Integrity in New York State Nursing Homes: An Assessment of Government Agency Performance  CLICK HERE NY State Report: Executive Summary  CLICK HERE The following interactive charts provide information for [...]

Comments on MRT Waiver

NYS has proposed a "super" waiver to the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to permit it to implement the Medicaid Redesign Team's Action Plan. The MRT waiver is an amendment to the state’s existing waiver, the New York Partnership Plan. Partnership has been the primary vehicle used by the state to expand [...]

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Consumer Involvement in Medicaid Nursing Facility Reimbursement

The results of a Commonwealth Fund project detailing the importance of consumer participation in states' Medicaid nursing facility reimbursement policy making. The products of the project include: a primer for consumers participation, a brief for policy makers on the need to have consumers "at the table," and a series of webinars for consumers explaining Medicaid [...]

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LTCCC Statement to U.S. Senate on Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes

On November 30, 2011, the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging Held a Hearing: "Overprescribed: The Human and Taxpayers' Costs of Antipsychotics in Nursing Homes." This is LTCCC's statement. The hearing recording and materials are available at  

Medicaid Redesign in NY State

Statement by LTCCC's Executive Director before Medicaid Redesign Team hearing on need to involve those who will be most affected; need to remember the purpose of the Medicaid program to ensure safety and appropriate care; need to ensure assess to least restrictive setting; and the need for adequate staffing for state's care monitoring function. [...]

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