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Webinar: Impacting Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Elders: The Long-Term Care Equality Index

Presenter: Dan Stewart, Deputy Director of the Aging Equality Project for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation PowerPoint Slides (PDF) The Long-Term Care Equality Index The LEI Consumer Guide (English & Spanish) The LEI 2023 Report The LEI 2025 Survey Criteria (open July […]

Fact Sheet: Tips For Providing Input on Your Nursing Home’s Staffing Assessment

To help address persistent and widespread nursing home problems, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a rule on April 22, 2024, requiring, for the first time, that nursing homes provide minimum numbers of nursing staff time per resident. In addition, the rule requires that facilities implement an “efficient process for consistently […]

Webinar: Shedding Light on Nursing Home Industry Spending and Profits

Presenter: Robert Tyler Braun, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences at Weill Cornell Medical College PowerPoint Slides (PDF) United States’ Nursing Home Finances Study

Webinar: What Makes a Case: Senior Care Litigation From an Expert Witness’ Perspective

Register for LTCCC’s March 2024 webinar.

Presenter: Julian Rich, Founder of J Rich Solutions, Expert Witness for Long-Term Care Cases

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Webinar: Disability Rights and Self-Determination in Nursing Homes and Long-Term Care Settings

Presenters: Bren Pramanik (Disability Rights New Jersey), Amy Brown (NJ LTCOP), and Hannah Diamond (Justice in Aging). PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Webinar: The 411 on LTCCC: Fighting for the Rights of Nursing Home Residents

Presenters: LTCCC’s Richard Mollot, Eric Goldwein, Hayley Cronquist

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) LTCCC Primer on Essential Nursing Home Quality Standards LTCCC Data Center A Guide to Nursing Home Oversight & Enforcement Elder Justice Newsletter Senior Care Policy Briefing

Webinar: Behind Closed Books: How Hidden Profits Harm Nursing Home Residents

Presenter: Ernie Tosh (Attorney and Forensic Accounting Expert)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Share Your Staffing Comments With Your Federal Representatives

Webinar: New Proposed Federal Nursing Home Standard: The Good, The Bad, and The Data Essentials

Presenters: Charlene Harrington, Ph.D., RN (Professor Emerita, University of California San Francisco), Richard Mollot (Executive Director, LTCCC), Eric Goldwein (LTCCC)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) LTCCC Report on Staffing

Congressional Briefing: Essential Insights on Nursing Home Staffing & Standards

Essential Insights on Nursing Home Staffing and the Proposed Federal Standard, presented by: Center for Medicare Advocacy, Long Term Care Community Coalition, and National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (September 2023).

Presenters: Richard Mollot (LTCCC), Sam Brooks (Consumer Voice),  Toby Edelman (Center for Medicare Advocacy), Charlene Harrington (University of […]

Family Councils: For the Families, By the Families

Each month, LTCCC’s Family Empowerment Team hosts a Zoom conversation (streamed on Facebook Live) with family members and advocates discussing issues affecting residents and their families. On the July 27 program, we were joined by family council members who talked about their experiences in family councils, including how their councils were […]

Webinar: Uninspected and Neglected: What Vacancies at State Agencies Mean for Nursing Home Residents

Presenters: Peter Gartrell (U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging) and Suzanne Messenger (West Virginia State Long-term Care Ombudsman) Powerpoint slides – LTCCC (PDF) PowerPoint Slides – WV Ombuds (PDF) Senate Report: Uninspected & Neglected LTCCC […]

LTCCC Alert: How Fear of Retaliation Silences Residents in America’s Nursing Homes

Download LTCCC’s Report, “They Make You Pay”: How Fear of Retaliation Silences Residents in America’s Nursing Homes

Contact: Richard Mollot, richard@ltccc.org, 212-385-0356

June 14, 2023 – When […]

Webinar: The Other 51 Weeks: Nursing Home Quality Improvement When Inspectors Have Left the Building

Presenter: Richard Mollot (LTCCC Executive Director)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Fact Sheet: Quality & Performance Improvement

Webinar: Building the Backbone: How Stronger State CNA Requirements Can Lead to Better Nursing Home Care

Richard Mollot (Executive Director, LTCCC)
Adrianna Duggan (JD Candidate, Yale Law)


What Is a Family Council? How Do I Start One? What Should it Look Like?

Family councils play an essential role in advocating for nursing home residents. In a program hosted by the Illinois Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, LTCCC’s family council empowerment team talks about how to build and strengthen your family council […]

22 of 2022: LTCCC’s Favorite Nursing Home Reports of the Year

2022 has been a pivotal year in long-term care and we at LTCCC are grateful for all those who have been writing and reporting about the important issues along the way.

That’s why we’re sharing 22 of our favorite articles of 2022 (plus, a few extras!). Below is a list of investigative stories, government reports, and […]

Webinar: Garden of Eatin’: Setting the Table for Resident-Centered Dining


Presenters: Rebecca Priest (Project Coach, The Green House Project) & Linda McCoy (Dining Practice Partner, St. John’s Home)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Fact Sheet: Food, Nutrition, and Dietary Services Resource: Food Safety for Your Loved One Food Questionnaire

Forum: How Private Equity Makes Us Sicker

This forum, hosted by the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) – NY Metro Chapter, addresses the increasing role and implications of Wall Street investors – Private Equity – in the healthcare industry. The presenters (Rosemary Batt, Robert McNamara, and Richard Mollot) discuss decades of research that has demonstrated how Wall Street […]

Webinar: What Does Good Care Look Like for People Living with Dementia?

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan Evans

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Dementia Care Advocacy Toolkit NursingHome411 Podcast

Resources for Surveyors

In June 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published revised guidance for nursing home surveyors available in the links below. Appendix PP provides interpretive guidelines for long-term care facilities. Critical Element Pathways* are used for investigating potential care areas of concern. Surveyors will begin using this guidance to identify noncompliance on October […]

Webinar: Fall Prevention: Focusing on Process – Not People – to Keep Nursing Home Residents Safe


Sharon Banks Tarr, MN, RN, LNCC (Clarity Legal Nurse Consulting)

Tabassum Mohibi, PA, MPH Candidate (Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Fact Sheet: Falls & Accident Prevention […]

How Colorblind Policies Fail Nursing Home Residents (NursingHome411 Podcast)

The NursingHome411 Podcast

U.S. health care is plagued by racism, and nowhere is that more evident than in the nation’s 15,000 nursing homes. Whether it’s COVID, care quality, or inappropriate drugging, research consistently shows significant disparities that impact Black nursing home residents.

On this episode of the NursingHome411 Podcast, Dr. Shekinah Fashaw-Walters – Assistant Professor at […]

Webinar: Show Me the Numbers: How Transparency Can Improve the Quality of Nursing Home Care

Presenter: Ilene Henshaw PowerPoint Slides (PDF) LTCCC Policy Brief: Nursing Home Transparency LTCCC Policy Brief: NY’s Minimum Spending Ratio

Following the Nursing Home Money (NursingHome411 Podcast)

The NursingHome411 Podcast

On July 7, the Empire Center published a new report on the rise of related-party transactions in New York’s nursing homes. On The NursingHome411 Podcast, Bill Hammond – author of the report and an expert in New York health policy and politics – discusses how nursing homes use related-party transactions to […]

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Webinar: A Campaign Sedated: Dangerous Antipsychotic Drugging Persists Despite Federal Initiative

Presenters: Richard Mollot (LTCCC) and Tony Chicotel (CANHR)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Dementia Care Advocacy Toolkit AP Drugging Data

Webinar: It Starts With Staffing: Requirements and Recommendations for Providing Safe and Quality Nursing Home Care

Presenters: Richard Mollot (LTCCC), Sam Brooks (Consumer Voice), Lori Smetanka (Consumer Voice)

PowerPoint Slides PT 1 (PDF) PowerPoint Slides PT 2 (PDF)

Webinar: Picking Patients for Profit: Admissions Discrimination in Nursing Homes

Presenter: Ashvin Gandhi, Health Economist, UCLA

Health economist Ashvin Gandhi (UCLA Anderson School of Management) on how nursing homes selectively admit patients for optimal profits and what high nursing home staff turnover means for resident care.

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) NursingHome411 Podcast […]

What You Need to Know—and Do—About the White House’s Nursing Home Reforms

The NursingHome411 Podcast

On February 28, the White House announced important initiatives that can improve the care, quality of life, and dignity for millions of vulnerable nursing home residents, now and in the future. In a special two-part episode of The NursingHome411 Podcast, we talk about what these reforms will mean for nursing home […]

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Webinar: What is Nursing Home Culture Change?

Presenter: Nina Loewenstein, LTCCC Legal Analyst

Many nursing home residents must adhere to strict schedules and regimens for rising, dressing, eating, bathing, and sleeping. The culture change movement seeks to transform nursing homes to focus on resident choice and create a homelike […]

Webinar: Assisted Living: Identifying Policy to Promote Quality Assurance, Safety, and Quality of Life

Presenter: Paula Carder, Ph.D.
Dr. Carder is a professor with the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health and director of the Institute of Aging at Portland State University. Dr. Carder’s research explores the relationship between state regulatory requirements and daily practices associated with medication administration and staffing in assisted living […]

Webinar: Arming Your Advocacy: Leveraging LTCCC’s Resources to Promote Resident-Centered Care

Presenters: Richard Mollot (LTCCC Executive Director) and Eric Goldwein (LTCCC Policy & Communications Director).

PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Webinar: Broken Promises: An Assessment of Federal Data on Nursing Home Oversight

Presenter: Eric Goldwein, LTCCC

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Broken Promises: An Assessment of Nursing Home Oversight LTCCC’s Recommendations to improve enforcement

LTCCC’s 12th Annual Reception

Event Honoree: NYS AG Letitia James

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Bridget St. John.

Keynote speaker:
Carmen Bowman, founder of Edu-Catering. Moderated by Deborah Truhowsky (President, LTCCC Board of Directors) & Richard Mollot (Executive Director, LTCCC). Program Brochure Download slides (PDF)

Grand Hosts Benefactors

Webinar: Enforcing the Nursing Home Reform Act

Presenter: Meryl Grenadier, attorney at AARP Foundation Litigation

What rights are guaranteed by the Nursing Home Reform Act? What can residents do when their nursing home fails to protect those rights? In this program, Meryl Grenadier reviews the basics of the Reform […]

Webinar: Involuntary Nursing Home Discharges: A Fast Track from Nursing Homes to Homeless Shelters

https://youtu.be/l_QMiqd74DI?t=1 PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Watch on Facebook

Presenter: Tanya Kessler, senior staff attorney at Mobilization for Justice, Inc (MFJ) and author of “Involuntary Nursing Home Discharges: A Fast Track from Nursing […]

Ombudsman Town Hall: The Best (om)Buds of Hudson Valley & Tri County

Learn more about ombudsman volunteering opportunities! Feature Speakers

Judy Farrell, Tri County LTCOP Director
Gloria Murray, Hudson Valley LTCOP Director
Richard Mollot, LTCCC Executive Director
Barbara Stuck, Ombudsman Volunteer
Jenine Ferrari, Resident Advocate PowerPoint Slides (PDF)

Webinar: Why Comfort Matters: Reducing Reliance on Antipsychotics for People Living with Dementia

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Watch on Facebook Listen to Audio

Feature speaker: Tena Alonzo, Dementia Care Expert

Tena Alonzo is a healthcare professional with expertise in caregiving practices for people with thinking or memory disorders. She has 35 years of experience as a long-term care provider […]

Webinar: Nursing Home Advocacy Priorities for 2021 & Beyond

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Audio Watch on Facebook

Feature speaker: Richard Mollot, LTCCC executive director

Richard Mollot highlights key long-term care policy priorities including nursing home staffing, oversight, and financial transparency. Next, LTCCC’s Eric Goldwein provides information on accessing NursingHome411 resources including state pages, staffing data, podcasts, and webinars. […]

Webinar: An Antidote to Ageism in Nursing Homes

PowerPoint Slides Audio

Feature speaker: Cathy Unsino, LCSW.

Residents thrive when helped to achieve their highest practicable level of physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being. When the requirements of the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987 are realized, the colonial, custodial injustice of long-term care will finally end. In this […]

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccination in Long-Term Care: Safety, Efficacy, and Residents’ Rights

On this LTCCC webinar, special guest Beth Nivin, MPH, discusses the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. This program provides critical information to help LTC residents and their families make informed decisions about vaccination. Webinar Slides LTCCC’s vaccine resource center LTCCC Fact Sheet: Informed Consent […]

Webinar: COVID Update & Residents Rights: Family & Resident Councils, Filing Grievances

Watch LTCCC’s December 15 webinar “COVID-19 Update & Residents Rights: Family & Resident Councils, Filing Grievances,” in the video on this page. Slides (PDF) and audio can be accessed on the buttons below.

Webinar Slides Listen to Audio

2020 Symposium: Identifying & Addressing Nursing Home Resident Abuse & Neglect

Let LTCCC know what you thought about the Symposium.

Part I: Introduction to Resident Rights & Protections Against Abuse & Neglect (Richard Mollot, LTCCC)
Part II (
34:53): Perspectives on Investigation & Prosecuting Abuse & Neglect (Thom O’Hanlon, NYS Medicaid Fraud)
Part […]

LTCCC’s 30th Anniversary Town Hall: “Where Do We Go From Here in Long Term Care?”

The Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC) celebrated 30 years of advocacy with a virtual town hall, “Where Do We Go From Here in Long Term Care?” on October 28, 2020. This page features a video recording and other information about the event.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i38HlVJ1mDg Panelists

Honorable Richard N. Gottfried (Chair, NYS Assembly Health […]

Webinar: The COVID Crisis and Regulations, Oversight, and the Economics of Nursing Homes

Watch a free webinar examining reform following the disastrous impact of COVID-19.

The event was co-sponsored by LTCCC, NYSBA’s Elder Law & Special Needs Section, and NYSBA’s Elder Law & Special Needs Section’s Task Force on Long Term Care Facility Reform & Oversight.

The program covered the fundamentals of the nursing home industry: its legal […]

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