Fact Sheets

Fact Sheet: Tips For Providing Input on Your Nursing Home’s Staffing Assessment

To help address persistent and widespread nursing home problems, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a rule on April 22, 2024, requiring, for the first time, that nursing homes provide minimum numbers of nursing staff time per resident. In addition, the rule requires that facilities implement an “efficient process for consistently […]

Fact Sheet: Resident-Centered Advocacy When a Nursing Home is Cited for Substandard Care, Abuse or Neglect


In February 2017, LTCCC released two reports on nursing home care. Report #1: Chronic Deficiencies in Care focuses on the persistence of recurring failures to meet minimum standards. This report accompanies information on every nursing home with what we are calling “chronic deficiencies” – three or more citations for the same regulatory standard in […]

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