A guide for older adults. This guide will help older adults identify how they have been feeling and decide if there are parts of their lives that they can feel better about. It gives information on what they can do to take control and take steps to feel better.

A guide for professional caregivers. This guide is geared to those who provide care for older adults to inform them about some of the emotional issues older people experience and what they can do to help the older adults take steps to feel better.

Usted Nunca es Muy Viejo para Sentirse Bien. Una Guía para la Persona Mayor. Esta guía le ayudara a la persona mayor identificar como se ha estado sintiendo y decidir si hay partes de su vida con que se puede sentir mejor. Da información acerca de lo que puede hacer para tomar control y pasos que puede seguir para sentirse bien.

Video. This short (10 minute) video presents three scenarios of older adults talking about their feelings with a professional and getting some ideas about what they can do to feel better. Video is available in Windows Media and Quicktime formats. This link will bring you to a page with different viewing options.

Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues can occur throughout a person’s life. However, both their appearance and treatment take on distinct characteristics with the elderly. Many seniors are faced with significant changes, such as major losses and bereavement, diminishment of abilities, threats to their independent functioning and loneliness or increased isolation. In the past older people often did not go for help when they were feeling nervous, sad or anxious. Many of them felt it was better to keep “a stiff upper lip.” But that has changed. Nowadays, many older adults are taking control of their care and taking steps to feel better and lead happier lives.