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Black box warning: Elder Justice “No Harm” Newsletter (Volume 5, Issue 1)

In the Elder Justice Newsletter, we highlight citations, including deficiencies related to abuse, neglect, and substandard care, that have been identified as not causing any resident harm. The goal of this brief newsletter is to shed light on the issue of so-called “no harm” deficiencies, which typically result in no fine […]

Webinar: Building the Backbone: How Stronger State CNA Requirements Can Lead to Better Nursing Home Care

Richard Mollot (Executive Director, LTCCC)
Adrianna Duggan (JD Candidate, Yale Law)


LTCCC Alert: A Guide to State CNA Certification & Training Requirements

Check out LTCCC’s Guide to State CNA Certification & Training Requirements.

March 17, 2023 – Certified Nurse Aides (CNAs) are considered the backbone of nursing home care.

LTCCC Testimony: Assembly Public Hearing on Long Term Care Ombudsman Program

At New York’s Assembly Public Hearing on the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program on March 2, 2023, LTCCC Policy Researcher Stefan Foster discusses why New York’s Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) needs more funding to carry out its federally mandated purpose to help protect the lives of New York’s long-term care residents.

Watch testimonies from […]

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Senior Care Policy Briefing: ‘Another Record Quarter…’

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The Senior Care Policy Briefing covers important long-term care issues by highlighting policy updates, news reports, and academic research. Topics in this edition include:

  • The Ensign Group reports another record quarter.
  • NY lawsuits revealing allegations of millions of siphoned profits.
  • An OIG report […]

LTCCC Alert: Nursing Home Administrator Hours Down 20% Since Pandemic

The following is an alert for the Q3 2022 staffing report. Download data at NursingHome411 and check out our interactive staffing dashboard.

March 9, 2023 – A nursing home administrator is responsible for overseeing their facility, including clinical and administrative affairs, to ensure that resident care needs are met. According to federal law, […]

LTCCC Testimony: NY Joint Legislative Public Hearing on 2023 Executive Budget Proposal

Roughly 117,000 people reside in nursing homes in New York State. Unfortunately, these vulnerable individuals are far too often subjected to substandard care, abuse, and neglect. At the New York Joint Legislative Public Hearing on 2023 Executive Budget Proposal (February 28, 2023), LTCCC Policy Researcher Stefan Foster talks about the need for greater enforcement, […]

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