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2020: Elder Justice “No Harm” Deficiencies

The Elder Justice Newsletter provides examples of health violations in which surveyors (nursing home inspectors) identified neither harm nor immediate jeopardy to resident health, safety, or well-being. Below is a searchable issue guide that includes the “no harm” deficiencies featured in our Elder Justice Newsletter in 2020. You may also access individual issues using the […]

Webinar: COVID Update & Residents Rights: Family & Resident Councils, Filing Grievances

Watch LTCCC’s December 15 webinar “COVID-19 Update & Residents Rights: Family & Resident Councils, Filing Grievances,” in the video on this page. Slides (PDF) and audio can be accessed on the buttons below.

Webinar Slides Listen to Audio

Nursing Home Staffing 2020 Q1

Note: Not all facilities reported staffing data for Q1 2020 because of suspended reporting requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (11,735 facilities reported staffing data in Q1 2020 vs. 14,969 in Q4 2020). State and national staffing averages for Q1 2020 exclude facilities that did not report.

Click on the links in […]

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