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Nursing Home Staffing 2019 Q4

Click on the links in the first column of the table below to download easy-to-use files for each state. Each file includes information on: Each facility’s direct care RN, LPN, and CNA staffing levels; Staffing levels for important non-nursing staff, including administrators and activities staff; and The extent to which the facility relies on [...]

New York COVID-19 Fatality Data: Nursing Homes & Adult Care Facilities

LTCCC is providing a user-friendly spreadsheet tracking COVID-19-related deaths in New York's nursing homes (NHs) and adult care facilities (ACFs) based on New York Department of Health (DOH) data. This file, updated weekly, includes data at the state, county, and facility level. As of September 14, there have been 6,651 reported COVID-19 deaths in [...]