Let’s Win: Support LTCCC’s Mission to Advocate for Nursing Home Residents

Let’s win! Support LTCCC’s mission to advocate for nursing home residents.

Dear Advocate,

Nursing home residents and their families have suffered immeasurable loss in the past two years. Loss of dignity. Loss of autonomy. Loss of time. And […]

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Webinar: A Guide to Nursing Home Oversight & Enforcement

Register for LTCCC’s January 18th webinar on empowering your advocacy with ltccc’s free resources.

Presenters: LTCCC’s Richard Mollot (executive director) & Hayley Cronquist (policy attorney)

Download PPT Slides (PDF) A Guide to Nursing Home Oversight & Enforcement

LTCCC Statement: Time for Quality Assurance, Accountability, & Reform in New York Long-Term Care

As we emerge from the pandemic, New York must address the epidemic of nursing home abuse and neglect.

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented devastation and tragedy in nursing homes. Years of understaffing, poor infection control, and ineffective […]

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