The Long Term Care Community Coalition is pleased to announce the publication of four new interactive and user-friendly nursing home datasets: Provider Info, Citations, Penalties, & Staffing. These data, available in our NursingHome411 Data Center, can help consumers, family members, ombudsmen, researchers, and policymakers alike by offering critical information on nursing homes at the facility, state, region, and federal level.

The new data include:

1) Provider Info: This comprehensive dataset contains info on five-star ratings, ownership status, health inspection outcomes, family council presence, and a whole lot more for all US nursing homes. We also provide a “Problem Facilities” dataset which lists the worst performing nursing homes. This is a useful resource for assessing nursing homes and making informed decisions about where to receive care.

Provider Info data:

2) Citations: This page offers detailed information on health deficiencies issued to nursing homes, including the date of the citation, the category of citation (F-tag), and the level of scope and severity. Our interactive Tableau dashboard also allows users to search for citations by nursing home and compare deficiencies across states and CMS Regions.

These data are critical for understanding the level of enforcement on nursing homes and identifying whether a nursing home has a history of deficiencies.

Note: LTCCC analysis finds that 5.4% of citations (1 in 20) are categorized at the level of harm and 2.1% are categorized as immediate jeopardy. This does NOT mean that harm is rare. It means that harm is rarely cited.

Citations data:

3) Penalties: This dataset offers information on fines and payment denials received by nursing homes in the last three years. This tool is instrumental for assessing the extent to which nursing homes are (or aren’t) held accountable.

Penalties data:

4) Nursing Home Staffing (Q2 2023): LTCCC’s staffing page is updated quarterly with staffing levels for all US nursing homes as well as summary staffing levels by state and CMS Region. These comprehensive datasets include nurse staffing, contract staffing, and non-nurse staffing. This information is crucial for understanding the quality of care provided by nursing homes and identifying which nursing homes are understaffed. It is based on quarterly payroll-based journal data.

LTCCC analysis of Q2 2023 staffing finds that nationwide, US nursing homes are providing 3.66 HPRD (incl. 0.59 total RN HPRD). Nearly four in five (78.8%) nursing home residents live in understaffed facilities providing less than the 4.1 hours per resident day (HPRD) needed to deliver sufficient clinical care and avoid unnecessary resident harm. The 4.1 HPRD threshold was determined by a landmark 2001 federal study.

Staffing data:

We hope these data will help you in your research and advocacy efforts. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to

Note: LTCCC datasets are obtained from CMS ( and reformatted to improve accessibility for consumers. Methodology for LTCCC’s summary findings and other calculations can be found in the “Notes” tabs of the spreadsheets.

ICYMI: LTCCC partnered with researchers to undertake a study of nursing home financing and profitability. Check out the resulting study, “United States’ Nursing Home Finances: Spending, Profitability, and Capital Structure,” published in the International Journal of Social Determinants of Health and Health Services.