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‘The Cornerstone the Builders Rejected’: Why Reform Starts with Person-Centered Care

On this episode, advocate Cathy Unsino (LCSW) discusses the importance of providing person-centered care and shares experiences from her own work in nursing homes that show what’s possible when we believe in the individual’s capacity to grow.

Interview recorded November 2021 and edited for clarity.

  • Cathy’s Recommendations:
    • The Anatomy of an Illness, by Norman Cousins
    • The March of Folly, […]
      NursingHome411 Podcast
      NursingHome411 Podcast
      'The Cornerstone the Builders Rejected': Why Reform Starts with Person-Centered Care

LTCCC Report: Regional Variations of Nursing Home Quality & Oversight in NY

The following report presents the findings of LTCCC’s regional analysis of New York State nursing home care.

In addition to the report, we have developed a searchable table with relevant information on all nursing homes in the state, including ratings, ownership type, staffing levels, and fines for substandard care.  Nursing homes can also be searched and […]

LTCCC Report: Animal Care Standards vs. Nursing Home Resident Experiences

The quality and safety of nursing homes are longstanding public concerns. Numerous studies over the years have identified widespread and significant deficiencies in care, including serious abuse and neglect, and degrading, inhumane conditions.

In light of these concerns, and the widespread persistence of substandard care and abuse, we undertook this analysis to compare the experiences of […]

Nursing Home Staffing 2018 Q4

Click on the links below to download easy-to-use files for each state.

Each file includes information on:

  1. Each facility’s direct care RN, LPN, and CNA staffing levels;
  2. Staffing levels for important non-nursing staff, including administrators and activities staff; and
  3. The extent to which the facility relies on contract workers to provide resident care.

To […]

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