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LTCCC Family Empowerment: Preparing for COVID, Cold, & Flu Season

Being proactive as a family member during COVID, cold, and flu season is crucial to ensure the well-being and safety of your loved one. On the next LTCCC NY Family Empowerment Program (Thursday, September 28 at 12pm ET), we invite you to join our conversation on all things infection control, including the importance of staying […]


Family Councils: For the Families, By the Families

Each month, LTCCC’s Family Empowerment Team hosts a Zoom conversation (streamed on Facebook Live) with family members and advocates discussing issues affecting residents and their families. On the July 27 program, we were joined by family council members who talked about their experiences in family councils, including how their councils were […]

LTCCC Family Empower Half Hour: Let’s Talk About Family Councils

We encourage family members and advocates from New York and across the US to join us and participate in our next Family Empower Half Hour on Thursday, May 25 at 12pm (ET). Here’s how…

1) Register for the Zoom meeting at or like us on Facebook to watch on Facebook Live.

1a) Submit a question […]

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LTCCC Family Empower Half Hour: Navigating Ageism as a Family Advocate

Ageism is everywhere, but it is especially pervasive in nursing homes. As family members, ageism – prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age – can be a barrier for advocating for your loved ones. On the next LTCCC NY Family Empower Half Hour (Thursday, April 27 at 12pm ET), we’ll talk about […]

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Family Empower Half Hour: Working with Ombudsmen to Advocate for Residents

When families and friends of nursing home residents join together, they can be a powerful force for improving care and ensuring dignity. That’s why we at LTCCC have launched a Family Empowerment program dedicated to empowering families and building family councils.

In our monthly Family Empower Half Hour, we cover essential topics to help family members […]

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NursingHome411 Podcast
Family Empower Half Hour: Working with Ombudsmen to Advocate for Residents
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