What You Need to Know—and Do—About the White House’s Nursing Home Reforms

The NursingHome411 Podcast

On February 28, the White House announced important initiatives that can improve the care, quality of life, and dignity for millions of vulnerable nursing home residents, now and in the future. In a special two-part episode of The NursingHome411 Podcast, we talk about what these reforms will mean for nursing home […]

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The Biggest News for Nursing Home Residents in 35 Years

Last month the White house made a major announcement about nursing home reforms, perhaps the biggest news for nursing home residents in 35 years. In Part 1 of this two-part episode, Toby Edelman (Senior Policy Attorney, Center for Medicare Advocacy) and Richard Mollot (Executive Director, LTCCC) join the NursingHome411 Podcast to talk about the timeline […]

NursingHome411 Podcast
NursingHome411 Podcast
The Biggest News for Nursing Home Residents in 35 Years

Nursing Home Reform: The Federal Landscape

Register for a free webinar, “Nursing Home Reform: The Federal Landscape,” on Tuesday, February 24 at 1pm.

Note: To register, you must create an account on the New York State Bar Association’s website.

Richard Mollot of LTCCC, Eric Carlson with Justice in Aging, and Toby Edelman of the Center for Medicare Advocacy will discuss the […]

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