This file includes, for every nursing home in compliance with federal reporting requirements, the average hours of RN, LPN, and CNA staff time per day for staff that are assigned to provide care (i.e., non-administrative). For each of these categories, the file provides the average total daily hours for the category as well as hours for those who are employed by the facility and those who are temporary or contract.

In addition to the hours, we have calculated and are providing the percent, for each category (RN, LPN, or CNA), of temporary/contract workers. We believe that this information is useful in assessing the extent to which a facility hires permanent staff or relies on temporary/contract workers. High use of contract or agency staff has been identified as having a detrimental impact on quality of care.

Please note that the file is large and may take a few moments to download. Once it is downloaded, it can be easily searched by facility name or to identify and compare staffing levels in a particular state, city, or county.