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Webinar: Shedding Light on Nursing Home Industry Spending and Profits

Presenter: Robert Tyler Braun, Assistant Professor of Population Health Sciences at Weill Cornell Medical College PowerPoint Slides (PDF) United States’ Nursing Home Finances Study

Webinar: Behind Closed Books: How Hidden Profits Harm Nursing Home Residents

Presenter: Ernie Tosh (Attorney and Forensic Accounting Expert)

PowerPoint Slides (PDF) Share Your Staffing Comments With Your Federal Representatives

Following the Money

Many nursing home owners claim that they are operating on razor-thin margins or even in the red. But the reality of nursing home finances is a lot more complicated – perhaps, intentionally. On this episode, Bill Hammond from the Empire Center for Public Policy talks about a new report, “Following the Money,” examining the rise […]

NursingHome411 Podcast
NursingHome411 Podcast
Following the Money
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