resident-to-resident incidents

He bit off part of his tongue: Elder Justice “No Harm” Newsletter (Volume 3 Issue 9)

In the Elder Justice Newsletter, we highlight citations, including deficiencies related to abuse, neglect, and substandard care, that have been identified as not causing any resident harm. The goal of this brief newsletter is to shed light on the issue of so-called “no harm” deficiencies, which typically result in no fine […]

‘A Story of Neglect’: Understanding and Preventing Resident-to-Resident Incidents

Resident-to-resident incidents can have devastating consequences for the residents involved as well as their families. But why do these incidents happen? Gerontologist Eilon Caspi, PhD (author of Understanding and Preventing Harmful Interactions Between Residents with Dementia) joins the NursingHome411 Podcast to discuss the causes of resident-to-resident incidents, how these incidents relate to neglect, risk-mitigation […]

NursingHome411 Podcast
NursingHome411 Podcast
'A Story of Neglect': Understanding and Preventing Resident-to-Resident Incidents
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