Drugging Citations

Drugging Citations2023-08-01T13:12:16-04:00

LTCCC Alert: Antipsychotic Drugs Administered to More Than One in Five Nursing Home Residents

Click to download user-friendly, searchable data on AP drugging rates for Q4 2023. June 3, 2024 – Each week, dangerous antipsychotic (AP) drugs are administered to approximately 250,000 nursing home residents, often without clinical [...]

LTCCC Alert: Alarming Rate of Antipsychotic Drugging in US Nursing Homes

Click to download user-friendly data on AP drugging rates for NY nursing homes in Q3 2023. March 18, 2024 – Each week, roughly 250,000 nursing home residents are given dangerous antipsychotic (AP) drugs. [...]

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