Drugging Citations

LTCCC Alert: Antipsychotic Drugs Administered to More Than One in Five Nursing Home Residents

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June 3, 2024 – Each week, dangerous antipsychotic (AP) drugs are administered to approximately 250,000 nursing home residents, often without clinical justification. These medications pose significant risks for elderly individuals, including heart attacks, strokes, Parkinsonism, falls, and even death. […]

LTCCC Alert: Alarming Rate of Antipsychotic Drugging in US Nursing Homes

Click to download user-friendly data on AP drugging rates for NY nursing homes in Q3 2023.

March 18, 2024 – Each week, roughly 250,000 nursing home residents are given dangerous antipsychotic (AP) drugs. In most cases these dangerous drugs are administered without clinical justification.

AP drugs are associated with significant adverse outcomes […]

US Nursing Home Drugging Citations: Fall 2018

The inappropriate antipsychotic drugging of nursing home residents, particularly those with dementia, is a widespread, national problem. Despite the Food and Drug Administration’s ‘black box’ warnings against using antipsychotics on elderly patients, they are frequently used to treat the so-called behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.  As of fall 2018, 20% of nursing home residents […]

US Nursing Home Inappropriate Drugging Citations: November 2017

The inappropriate antipsychotic drugging of nursing home residents is a widespread and serious problem.  Below is information on citations for inappropriate drugging for all licensed nursing homes, by state.  These citations are for all inappropriate drugging, including (but not solely) antipsychotic drugs (unfortunately, the federal government does not have a distinct citation for inappropriate antipsychotic […]

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