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Following are comments that LTCCC has submitted to various government bodies on issues relevant to LTC consumers. Some of these comments were made independently while others were issued jointly with other organizations.

We welcome you to use any of these materials in your own comments or advocacy. If you are interested in learning about – and possibly joining in – future comments and advocacy, please consider joining our Coalition or signing up for our alerts. For more information, please email



LTCCC Statement on Restoring Residents’ Rights to Visitation (June 2020)
LTCCC Statement on Coronavirus & Nursing Home Visits (March 2020)
LTCCC Statement On NY LTC Ombudsman Program (February 2020)
Joint Statement: Protect Nurse Aide Training Requirements (January 2020)


2019 Nursing Home Round-Up (December 2019)
LTCCC Statement: Congressional Hearing on Caring for Aging Americans (November 2019)
LTCCC Statement for NY State Department of Health Hearing on Staffing (October 2019)
CMS Finalizes Pre-Dispute Arbitration Rollback (July 2019)
CMS Finalizes Pre-Dispute Arbitration Rollback (July 2019)
Resident Advocates’ Statement on Nursing Home Care Senate Hearing (March 2019)
LTCCC/CMA Joint Statement on Turmoil in the Nursing Home Industry (January 2019)


LTCCC/CMA Comments on Emergency Preparedness Rollback (November 2018)
LTCCC/CMA Statement Proposed Labor Rules (November 2018)
Under-Enforcement and Rollbacks: Children Die at a Nursing Home (November 2018)
Consumer Statement Rush Act (October 2018)
LTCCC/CMA Statement Medical Loss Ratio (August 2018)
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 2018)
LTCCC Submission UN Human Rights Midterm Report (April 2018)
Consumer Comments on Changes to Imposition of Federal Remedies (November 2017)
LTCCC Submission UN Human Rights (2014)
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