The federal government rates all licensed nursing homes on a scale of one to five, with one being the lowest possible rating and five being the highest. While studies have shown that having a high rating does not necessarily mean that a nursing home is safe, substandard care in lower rated facilities has become a matter of increasing public concern. For these reasons, LTCCC periodically compiles and publishes the names of one-star facilities.

Click on the links below to download easy-to-use, searchable files of one-star facilities for each state (except for Washington, DC, which currently has no one-star facilities). The link on the right provides a national list of nursing homes with a one-star rating.

All files are searchable by facility name; location; ratings for health inspections, quality measures, and staffing; ownership type (for-profit vs not-for-profit); reported staffing; substantiated complaints against the facility; and number and amount of fines. The data were downloaded from Nursing Home Compare in August 2019 (data processed by CMS in  July 2019).