Neglect Leading to Bodily Injury and Death of 300 LTC Residents

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Feature speaker: Eilon Caspi PhD

Eilon Caspi PhD is a Gerontologist and Dementia Behavior Specialist. He is the founder and director of Dementia Behavior Consulting LLC, founding member and advisor of Elder Voice Family Advocates, and an assistant research professor at University of Connecticut. He worked in the aging field his entire adult life, starting as a nurse aide in a nursing home where his grandfather lived in 1994. Throughout the years, he worked as a social worker in a nursing home, an educator, applied researcher, consultant, author, and elder care advocate. He conducted several studies to improve understanding of various forms of elder mistreatment in long-term care homes such as neglect of healthcare, fatal resident-to-resident incidents, self-neglect, financial exploitation, and thefts of opioid pain medications. The ultimate goal of his work is to enable vulnerable and frail elders to realize their human right to live with dignity in safe care environments.

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