Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training & certification requirements vary considerably across the U.S. In some states, the requirements go beyond the federal minimum while in other states requirements are nearly identical to the federal standards.

This page displays West Virginia CNA Requirements as of February 2023.

To see requirements in other states, visit nursinghome411.org/cna-reqs.

West Virginia CNA Requirements

  • Eligibility/Screening Requirements
    • Background check
  • Education & Training Requirement
    • Individuals must complete a state approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program.
  • Testing Requirement
    • Individuals must pass both a written and skills test.
    • The individual has three opportunities to successfully pass the test then they will be required to retrain.
  • Renewal & In-Service Requirements
    • Same as federal.
  • Hours
    • Within the minimum 120 hours of training, at least 55 hours must be devoted to supervised practical training in the clinical setting where the student demonstrates knowledge while performing tasks on an individual under the direct supervision of an RN. 8. At least a total of 55 hours of training of the minimum required curriculum must be completed prior to any direct contact with the resident.
  • Curriculum
    • A program shall include theory and practical component in all of the care areas listed under the minimum curriculum requirements. The orientation section will not be part of the written competency evaluation. This section only provides a set of standards for providing nurse aide trainees with orientation to the program.
      • Orientation
        • Identify the textbooks, policies, class calendar, skills checklist, course outline, lesson plans with goals and objectives;
        • Identify the appropriate dress wear for class and clinical rotation;
        • Demonstrate and comply with the behavioral expectations, including absences and tardiness;
        • Explain the purpose and procedures for filing complaints at the state level;
        • Identify the student to instructor ratio and when not be in the facility without an RN Instructor;
        • Describe the skills performance tasks and the role and responsibilities of the nurse aide;
        • Identify guidelines for maintaining certification and explain purpose of the Nurse Aide Abuse and Neglect Registry;
        • Describe how to report changes in name, mailing address or marital status to the NAR;
        • Identify the federal law related to Nurse Aide Registry, and abuse, mistreatment, neglect, and misappropriation of property;
        • Describe the yearly facility in-service requirements (12 hours);
        • Describe the State’s testing requirements and how to contact the testing vendor; and
        • Understand the facility day-to-day functions, safety precautions, and chain of command hierarchy with-in the facility prior to getting involved in resident care.
      • Communication and Social Interaction
      • Basic Nursing Skills
      • Personal Care Skills
      • Basic Restorative Services
      • Rights of Residents
      • Dementia