Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) training & certification requirements vary considerably across the U.S. In some states, the requirements go beyond the federal minimum while in other states requirements are nearly identical to the federal standards.

This page displays Missouri CNA Requirements as of February 2023.

To see requirements in other states, visit nursinghome411.org/cna-reqs.

Missouri CNA Requirements

  • Eligibility/Screening Requirements
    • The individual is at least eighteen (18) years of age and employable.
    • Not listed on the department’s Employee Disqualification List (EDL) and has not been convicted or entered a plea of guilty to a misdemeanor or felony charge which includes any suspended imposition of sentence, any suspended execution of sentence or any period of probation or parole; or
    • At least sixteen (16) years of age providing he or she is—
      • Currently enrolled in a secondary school health services occupation program or a cooperative work education program of an area vocational technical school or comprehensive high school;
      • Placed for work experience in an ICF, SNF, hospital, Missouri Veterans’ Home, or a hospital-based nursing facility or hospital-based skilled nursing facility by that program;
      • Is not disqualified from employment due to criminal background.
    • Education & Training Requirement
      • Individuals must complete a state approved nurse aide training and competency evaluation program.
    • Testing Requirement
      • Individuals must pass both a written and skills test.
    • Renewal & In-Service Requirements
      • In-service requirements are the same as federal.
      • Renewal requires 8 hours of nursing or nursing-related duties every 24 months.
  • Hours
    • Seventy-five (75) hours of instructional training in the curricula identified in section (5) of this rule.
    • One hundred (100) hours of supervised on-the-job training (clinical practice) in an approved laboratory or other setting in which the student demonstrates knowledge while performing tasks on an individual under the supervision of a LPN or RN;
  • Curriculum
    • Same as federal.