The Elder Justice Newsletter provides examples of health violations in which surveyors (nursing home inspectors) identified neither harm nor immediate jeopardy to resident health, safety, or well-being. Below is a searchable issue guide that includes the “no harm” deficiencies featured in our Elder Justice Newsletter in 2021. You may also access individual issues using the buttons to the right. Click here to download the file.


  1. F-tags (“F” for “federal”) constitute the system through which federal nursing home regulations are identified in the survey process. Generally, each regulatory provision is assigned a corresponding F-tag number and surveyors use these numbers to indicate on the Statement of Deficiencies when a facility has failed to meet (or exceed) a given standard. Click here to see the list of F-tags.
  2. CMS and state survey agencies use the Scope and Severity Grid for rating the seriousness of nursing home deficiencies. For each deficiency identified, the surveyor is charged with indicating the level of harm to the resident(s) involved and the scope of the problem within the nursing home. The surveyor then assigns an alphabetical scope and severity value to the deficiency. “A” is the least serious rating and “L” is the most serious rating. Click here to see the Scope and Severity Grid from the CMS Nursing Home Data Compendium 2015 Edition.