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The Future of Nursing Homes in New York State: Results of Two Roundtable Discussions

With funding from the New York Community Trust, LTCCC hosted two roundtable discussions on the future of nursing homes in NY State.  The roundtables brought together leaders from government, provider, consumer, worker and philanthropy to identify the challenges and develop recommendation for future action.  This report describes the roundtables and presents over 100 recommendations for [...]

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An Assessment of Pay for Performance for Nursing Homes With Recommendations for Policy Makers

This report provides an overview of pay for performance for stakeholder and policy makers, including special sections on issues and consumer concerns, selected experiences to date and recommendations for ensuring that a pay for performance program truly improves nursing home resident care and is not merely a bonus awarded to "good" providers.  

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New York’s Single Point of Entry for Long Term Care: A First Year Assessment of Consumer Experience With Recommendations for the Future

This reports examines first year experience with NY Connects, NY State's single point of entry for long term care, and provides recommendations to ensure that NY Connects truly serves New York's diverse consumer population as it is further implemented.  The report includes a state-wide survey of New Yorkers' knowledge of, and experience with, the system. [...]

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