The Long Term Care Community Coalition (LTCCC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving quality of care, quality of life, and dignity for elderly and disabled people in nursing homes, assisted living, and other residential settings.

LTCCC focuses on systemic advocacy, researching national and state policies, laws, and regulations in order to identify relevant issues and develop meaningful recommendations to improve quality, efficiency, and accountability. In addition to providing a foundation for advocacy, LTCCC uses this research and the resulting recommendations to educate policymakers, consumers, and the general public. Consumer, family, and LTC ombudsman empowerment are fundamental to our mission.

LTCCC’s work is grounded in its organization as a New York State based coalition of consumer, community, civic, and professional organizations, bringing together these different stakeholders to identify and address the systemic issues that affect quality of care and dignity in long-term care.

LTCCC is proud to host two local LTC Ombudsman Programs in New York: the Hudson Valley LTC Ombudsman Program and the Tri-County LTC Ombudsman Program. Learn about volunteer opportunities with the ombudsman programs.


Long Term Care Community Coalition
209 W. 29th Street Suite 6252
New York, NY 10001

Media inquiries: info@LTCCC.org.


Richard J. Mollot, Executive Director

Hayley Cronquist, Policy Attorney

Eric Goldwein, Director of Policy and Communications

Sara Rosenberg, Executive Assistant and Office Manager (sara@ltccc.org)

Nina Loewenstein, Legal Analyst

Casey Chu, Policy Intern

Ombudsman Programs
Gloria Murray, Hudson Valley LTC Ombudsman Program Director

Judy Farrell, Tri-County LTC Ombudsman Program Director

Kathie Scanlon, Tri-County LTC Ombudsman Associate Director

Jackie Bonesi, Ombudsman Specialist

Theresa Norbom, Ombudsman Specialist

May Rossi, Ombudsman Specialist

Board of Directors

Deborah Truhowsky, Esq.,
Law Firm of D.F. Truhowsky

Joan Burke,
Ombudservice Family Service League, Suffolk County (Retired)

Geoffrey Lieberman,
Executive Director, Coalition of the Institutionalized Aged and Disabled

Martin Petroff, Esq.,
Martin Petroff & Associates

Patricia Fildes-Vosburg, BSN, RN, GCM,
Independent Nurse Consultant

Dennis Rosen,
Retired NYS Medicaid Inspector General

Eilon Caspi, PhD,
Assistant Research Professor, University of Connecticut

Organizational Members


Organizations may download a membership form.
For more information on Organizational Membership, please contact our office by phone: 212-385-0355 or email: info@ltccc.org.

Individuals may download a membership form.
For more information on Individual Membership, please contact our office by phone: 212-385-0355 or email: info@ltccc.org.

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