Sufficient staffing is one of the most important indicators of a nursing home’s quality and safety. Unfortunately, inadequate nursing home staffing is a widespread and persistent problem. Some nursing homes provide good care, ensuring that their facilities have enough qualified staff. However, in the absence of limits on profits and administrative expenses, too many nursing homes fail to allocate the resources necessary to maintain sufficient staffing.

To help the public find out about nursing home staffing in our communities, LTCCC publishes, on a quarterly basis, information on staffing for every nursing home in the country (that is in compliance with federal staff reporting requirements).


Quick links to staffing information for all licensed facilities in the U.S.

Nursing Home Staffing 2018 Q4
Nursing Home Staffing 2018 Q3
Nursing Home Staffing 2018 Q2
Nursing Home Staffing 2018 Q1
Nursing Home Staffing 2017 Q4
Nursing Home Staffing 2017 Q3
Nursing Home Staffing 2017 Q2
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